Full Video Course | Management 2019 cover

Full Video Course | Management 2019

Full Video Course for UGC Net Management Dec. 2019 comprises of:

  • 150+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • Detailed Notes for Concept Building
  • Downloadable Summary Sheets for Revision
  • 2500+ MCQs for Lots of Practice
  • FREE Monthly Current Affairs (PDF + MCQs)
  • 100% Complete Coverage
  • Expert Guidance and Doubt Support
  • Tips and Tricks to ace Examination
  • Regular Live Sessions


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Language: Hinglish (English Content + Hindi Explanation)

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UGC Net is one of the most prestigious examination which is gateway to one's dream of making a successful career as assistant professor or as researcher. Over the years, UGC Net Exam has evolved into a dynamic exam which tests various facets of the candidates appearing for examination. Simple Bookish knowledge can no longer guarantee your success in the exam.

One needs to have thorough conceptual clarity, knowledge of multiple related concepts and awareness about practical aspects of all the subjects which one is studying. Moreover, since the exam is computer based, one needs to be acquainted with testing pattern and platform which will be used by NTA.

FAQs about the Course

Q. What will you get in the course ? 

A. You will get 100% complete coverage through Videos, Notes & MCQs. 

Q. How to access course ?

A. You may access course on your PC/Laptop after logging into www.everstudy.co.in or you may access it on your android phone by downloading our app from google playstore. Currently, we do not support iOS app.

Dowload Everstudy Classes Android App - Click Here

Q. Can I download Videos, Notes and MCQs ?

A. Course comprises of mix of downloadable, secured downloadable and non-downloadable content. Videos and Detailed Notes can be viewed online or can be downloaded on the android app for offline access only on the android app. Summary Sheets can be downloaded without any restriction and can be saved by student for future use or for taking printout for revision purpose. MCQs can only be accessed in online format.

We would not be sending any hard-copy of material. We strongly advise that candidates should try to study on online computer based platforms as they have to appear for final exam on computer only. Future generation is techh savvy and if you aspire to teach them, you must be brilliant in this aspect.

Q. On how many devices can I access the course ?

A. You can access the course only on 2 devices i.e. PC/Laptop and Mobile App. Unauthorized access of course on multiple devices may lead to blocking of account. Hence, please be cautious before sharing your Everstudy user name and password with others. However, we will try to render best possible support in case you face any issue in this regard.

Q. Is there any limit on video viewing ?

A. No, There is no limit. You can watch any video any number of times without any restriction within the validity period.

Q. What is the validity period of the course ?

A. Validity of videos ends on 31st Dec. 2019. For all other content including notes, mcq's and test series validity endsd on 30th June 2020. Don't worry, with our able guidance you will be able to ace this exam before validity ends.

Q. My internet speed is slow. Will I face troubles accessing the course online ?

A. If your net speed is slow, we advise you to use our android app for accessing the course. It would optimize your net usage and allow you to download the course contents especially videos so that you do not experience buffering while accessing the course.

Q. Can I adjust video quality and playback speed for the videos?

A. Yes, you will get this facility in our video player.

Q. Is there any special discount available for us ?

A. Those who have already cleared NET & are preparing for JRF are eligible for extra 10% OFF. For availing discount, please share your details on hello@everstudy.in

Q. What if I face certain doubts while watching videos / studying notes ?

A. We will try to cover each and every aspect in such a manner that you won't face any doubt. Still, if you face any doubt, you may mail us at hello@everstudy.in or call/whatsapp at +91-7988073332 or post it on our discussion forum.

Q. How to purchase everstudy course ?

A. Purchasing everstudy course is similar to buying online on flipkart, amazon etc. You need to sign up first and create your free account. Then, you need to login, select the course you want to buy, add to cart and make online payment. On successful purchase, you will get the course in "My Courses" Section. For detailed step by step instructions, follow this link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/172QitqnhFLZIqZ8xw8Gr2EbGR3S_bD1l/view?usp=sharing

Q. Who will teach me ?

A. Everstudy Classes has team of qualified subject experts and dedicated professionals who will be taking classes. Everstudy Mentors i.e. Sumant Sir and Jyotsna Mam will be anchoring the course and will be taking most of the classes. They will be assisted by a team of well qualified tutors who will strive to deliver quality content. 

Q. Will I get previous classes also, If I join late ?

A. Yes, you will get all the previous lectures also irrespective of date you join till validity of this course. "Better Late than never."

Q. What will be the schedule of classes ?

A. We will be uploading daily two classes starting from 15th June 2019. All classes will be uploaded daily (except Sundays) by 5:00 PM in the evening. All lectures will be uploaded by 31st Oct. 2019 in a scheduled manner.

We will upload two units (possibly a combination of theoretical & practical units) simultaneously as per following details:

First Lot - Unit X – Entrepreneurship & Unit IX – International Business & Information Technology

Second Lot - Unit I – Management, Managerial Economics & Business Ethics & Unit IV – Financial & Management Accounting

Third Lot - Unit II – Organisation Behaviour & Introduction to Human Resources Management & Unit V – Financial Management

Fourth Lot - Unit III – Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations & Unit VIII – Statistics & Probability and Production Management & Operations Research

Fifth Lot -  Unit VI – Strategic Management & Introduction to Marketing & Unit VII – Marketing

Tentative Schedule for First Lot is as follows:

  Unit IX – International Business & Information Technology Unit X – Entrepreneurship
  Unit Overview Lesson Unit Overview Lesson
15-Jul International Business – Managing Business in Globalization Era; Entrepreneurship Development - Concept, Types, Theories, Process etc.
16-Jul Theories of International Trade Entrepreneurship Development - II
17-Jul Balance of payment   Intrapreneurship – Concept and Process 
18-Jul Foreign Direct Investment – Benefits and Costs  Women Entrepreneurship
19-Jul Multilateral regulation of Trade and Investment under WTO Rural Entrepreneurship
20-Jul Government intervention in international trade & Tariff and non-tariff barriers Innovations in Business
22-Jul International Trade Procedures and Documentation Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis I
23-Jul Foreign Trade Policy Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis II
24-Jul Role of International Financial Institutions – IMF Micro and Small Scale Industries in India
25-Jul Role of International Financial Institutions – World Bank Sickness in Small Industries
26-Jul International Economic Organizations Role of Government in Promoting SSI 
27-Jul Regional Economic Integration & Misc Topics Role of Government in Promoting SSI 
29-Jul Information Technology – Use of Computers in Management Applications; MIS, DSS  Govt Schemes on Entrepreneurship
30-Jul Artificial Intelligence Institutional Support to Entrepreneurs
31-Jul Data Warehousing & Data Mining Institutional Finance to Small Industries - I
1-Aug Knowledge Management & Managing Technological Change  Institutional Finance to Small Industries - II


  Unit IV – Financial & Management Accounting Unit I – Management, Managerial Economics & Business Ethics
  Unit Overview Lesson Unit Overview Lesson
3-Aug Accounting Principles Management - Concept, Theories
5-Aug Accounting Standards & Ind-AS Management Functions - Planning
6-Aug Preparation of Financial Statements Decision Making – Concept, Process, Techniques and Tools
7-Aug Ratio Analysis I Organisation Structure and Design – I and II 
8-Aug Ratio Analysis II Communication – Types, Process and Barriers
9-Aug Funds Flow Analysis Management Functions - Staffing, Directing, Controlling
10-Aug Cash Flow Analysis Managerial Economics – Concept & Importance
12-Aug Preparation of Cost Sheet Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand 
13-Aug Marginal Costing & Cost Volume Profit Analysis Utility Analysis and Indiference Curve Analysis
14-Aug Standard Costing & Variance Analysis Perfect Competition ; Monopoly 
16-Aug Budgeting and Budgetary Control including ZBB Monopolistic Competition 
17-Aug Financial Management, Concept & Functions Oligopolistic Competition and Demand Forcasting 
19-Aug Capital Structure – Structure & Process National Income – Concept, Types and Measurement
20-Aug Cost of Capital  Inflation – Concept, Types and Measurement
21-Aug Capital Structure - Theories Business Ethics & Ethical Issues
22-Aug Leverages – Operating, Financial and Combined Leverages CSR
23-Aug EBIT–EPS Analysis, Financial Breakeven Point & Indifference Level. Corporate Governance & Value Based Organisation


  Unit V – Financial Management Unit II – Organisation Behaviour & Introduction to Human Resources Management
  Unit Overview Lesson Unit Overview Lesson
26-Aug Time Preference for Money Organisational Behaviour – Significance & Theories
27-Aug Capital Budgeting - I Individual Behaviour –  Perception, Values, Attitude 
28-Aug Capital Budgeting - II Individual Behaviour -Learning
29-Aug Dividend – Theories and Determination - I Individual Behaviour – Personality
30-Aug Dividend – Theories and Determination - II Individual Behaviour – Personality
31-Aug Risk and Returns (CAPM, APT) Emotions and Stress Management
2-Sep Portfolio Management  Individual Behaviour – Motivation and its Theories
3-Sep Corporate Restructuring Individual Behaviour – Motivation and its Theories
4-Sep Valuation of Bonds Interpersonal Behaviour & Transactional Analysis
5-Sep Valuation of Shares Group Behaviour –  Leadership and its theories 
6-Sep Derivatives - I Group Behaviour – Team Building
7-Sep Derivatives - II Group Behaviour –  Group Dynamics
9-Sep Working Capital Management - I Organisation Culture and Organizational  Climate
10-Sep Working Capital Management - II Work Force Diversity
11-Sep International Financial Management Cross Culture Organisational Behaviour
12-Sep Foreign exchange market Organisational Justice and Whistle Blowing
13-Sep   Human Resource Management – Concept and Perspective, Influences and Recent Trends
14-Sep   Compensation Management 


  Unit VIII – Statistics & Probability and Production Management & Operations Research Unit II – Organisation Behaviour & Introduction to Human Resources Management
  Unit Overview   
16-Sep Statistics for Management: Concept Human Resource Planning
17-Sep Data Collection and  Questionnaire Design  Recruitment and Selection
18-Sep Measures Of Central Tendency Induction, Training and Development
19-Sep Measures Of Dispersion Job Analysis
20-Sep Probability Distribution – Binominal, Poison Job Evaluation
21-Sep Probability Distribution –Normal and Exponential Unit – III Strategic Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations 
    Unit Overview 
23-Sep Sampling – Concept, Process and Techniques  Organization Development, Change & OD Interventions
24-Sep Sampling and Non Sampling Error ; Standard Error  Strategic Role of Human Resource Management
25-Sep Hypothesis Testing – Procedure; T- test , Z test  Competency Mapping & Balanced Scoreboard
26-Sep F test ,  Chi-square tests Career Planning and Development
27-Sep Correlation Analysis  Performance Management and Appraisal -I
28-Sep Regression Analysis  Performance Management and Appraisal -II
30-Sep Operations Management – Role and Scope  Talent Management & Skill Development
01-Oct Facility Location and Layout – Site Selection and Analysis, Layout – Design and Process  Employee Engagement & Work Life Balance
02-Oct Scheduling; Loading, Sequencing and Monitoring   Industrial Relations 
03-Oct Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP Modules, ERP implementation Industrial Disputes and Grievance Management
04-Oct Quality Circles, Total Quality Management – KAIZEN, Benchmarking, Six Sigma; ISO 9000 Series Standards   Labour Welfare and Social Security
05-Oct Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control Trade Union and Collective Bargaining 
07-Oct Operation Research - I International Human Resource Management – HR Challenge of International Business 
08-Oct Operation Research - II Green HRM


   Unit VI – Strategic Management & Introduction to Marketing Unit VII –  Marketing Management and Contemporary Issues 
  Unit Overview  Unit Overview 
10-Oct Marketing – Concept and Approaches, Orientation ; Trends and Development  Customer Relationship Marketing
11-Oct Customer Value and Satisfaction  Service Marketing - I
12-Oct Market Segmentation,  Targeting and Positioning  Service Marketing - II
14-Oct Product Decision - I Green Marketing - I 
15-Oct Product Decision - II (Product Life Cycle) Green Marketing - II
16-Oct Product Decision - II (New Product Development) Brand Management -I 
17-Oct Pricing Decision - Types and Strategies  Brand Management -II
18-Oct Place  Decision  - Marketing Channels and Value Network Logistics and Supply Chain Management -I
19-Oct Promotion Decision - I Logistics and Supply Chain Management -II
21-Oct Promotion Decision - II Retail Marketing 
22-Oct Strategic Management – Concept, Process, Decision & Types Consumer and Industrial Buying Behaviour -I 
23-Oct Strategic Analysis - I Consumer and Industrial Buying Behaviour - II
24-Oct Strategic Analysis - II Other Emerging Trends - Concept of e-Marketing, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing
25-Oct Strategy Formulation -I  
26-Oct Strategy Formulation -II  
28-Oct Strategy Implementation  

Note: Daily 1-2 Hours of classes will be uploaded depending upon the length of topic being dealt with.    

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